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Alcatel 332 Handset Reviews

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Model: Alcatel 332
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From: vassili
Date: 8 December 2005 17:00:08
Comments: i just want knows that how many sms this mobile phone can store??????

From: zak
Date: 1 November 2003 16:00:06
Comments: this fone was ok the only thing rong is dat da game sucked but da cula screen waz cool a

From: Nicolás Adamo
Date: 1 November 2003 12:01:02
Comments: I guess it sucks compared to a Nokia. Nokia's phones are quite more Easy to Usee. Alcatel's menu is a shit. Appart from that, it is too damn lazy. Nokia's phone are quite faster.

From: miss_rivulet
Date: 10 December 2003 03:01:04
Comments: I'm looking for a recharcher for this phone. Can anyone tell me what it looks like?

From: Leoncio
Date: 9 December 2003 20:01:07
Comments: This is one of the best phones o ever had, and i can download ringtones from my onetohuch correctly, just the reslity is that theres not a lot of rign tones and images for this specific model, but in other way, technically speaking this is a great phone.

From: john
Date: 9 December 2003 18:00:04
Comments: its a great phone

From: pape
Date: 9 December 2003 11:00:01
Comments: i like the phone gest because i have one it`s small and nice

From: Izran bin kamal
Date: 9 December 2003 10:00:03
Comments: I bought this phone last three months.I love this handphone because it is so cute,light and beautiful.But,by using this phone,I Become bored because I can only using same ringtones.Can anybody tell me how to download new ployphonic ringtones?

From: beano
Date: 8 December 2003 15:01:09
Comments: right, to download polyphonic ringtones you have to go to the my one touch website and get the code to the ringtone you want (even though they arent very good) then you have to go into my setup, pictures, download, then enter the number


love this phone, apart from the lack of decent ringtones. If you got sum, email me

From: wayne dennis
Date: 8 December 2003 12:01:08
Comments: I have been searching the sites for the following ringtone:
Pigbag (Middlesbrough football clubs anthem)

Hope you can help

From: Poo Poo Dump Truck Driver
Date: 8 December 2003 07:00:08
Comments: Its The best

From: Cherrelle
Date: 8 December 2003 04:01:00
Comments: Ive wasted quite sum money on trying to get ringtones (polyphonic) for my phone but i still havnt got anywhere. If you know how to do it please help me.

From: samasass
Date: 8 December 2003 03:02:00
Comments: i bought this phone from Germany, i am in ghana and i have to enter network code which i dont even know what to do. please help me if you know how to fix my problem. i have no cable

From: Natasha
Date: 8 December 2003 03:01:04
Comments: this phone suxs, dont buy it you will waste your money caus i wasted 30 dollars trying to downlod ring tones they dont work any inquires email and help me or tell me how i can download polo ring tones

From: megatshariffudinzulkifli
Date: 8 December 2003 07:00:07
Comments: I bought the alcatel 332 last week to replace my aging Nokia 3310. It takes some time to get use to the alcatel menus navigation after years of using the nokia. I have no major complain only that the buttons get blacken and smudged after using a few days and now the numbers are missing. The sms textng also get some time to adjust. I intend to sell the phone and get a nokia instead. Any buyer?? call 019-3470118 Putrajaya Malaysia =cheers=

From: lynen oliver
Date: 6 December 2003 10:01:02
Comments: it was 3 mnths ago when buy dis mobile ot332 but i have a problem in downloading games polyphonics tones and even the colored pictures... pls help me bout that im from philippines please?:(

From: Matt Lewis
Date: 6 December 2003 07:01:04
Comments: im gona get this mobile in 4 days, it is one of the beast mobile in its category.

From: Lim Min Yu
Date: 4 December 2003 18:01:03
Comments: nice and user friendly

From: zalinda
Date: 3 December 2003 06:00:02
Comments: Nice and user friendly.

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