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Alcatel 735 Handset Reviews

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Model: Alcatel 735
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From: meeli
Date: 3 November 2004 04:02:00
Comments: hi i have this phone, i find its great because the battery lasts for absolutley ages, the only probs i have are when charging it up sometimes it decides to stop charging for no apparent reason even when its low battery and also i sometimes miss calls because the volume settings arent loud enough unless your in the same room as your phone. i like the fact it has colour screen and camera but i wish i could download my pics onto my pc , anyone help with this???


From: Adam
Date: 31 October 2004 07:02:00
Comments: i don't quite no its been half a year my dog chewd up my charger so i brought a new one i plug it back in leave it chargin for a day unplug it ready to talk and it says battery low please recharge the battery will not last 10 mins without saying runing out or low then switchuing off i dunno help this is bs i don't speand 400 $ on a phone for this bs

From: shell
Date: 8 December 2004 07:00:04
Comments: Hiya i have this phone and mine doesnt make a high pitched sound when charging. I dont think its possible to remove the phones front cover. To know when its finshed charging the battery symbol wont show that its charging.

From: sum1
Date: 4 December 2004 09:00:05
Comments: i might be getting this phone, are the pictures good when u take photos?? plz help x

From: Lola
Date: 1 November 2003 02:01:09
Comments: I found that the sound quality on my alcatel 735 was terrible when taking calls, so I contacted my operator and they sent me a new phone (same model). So far it seems to be better, maybe the sound quality varies :S

From: haytham aly
Date: 31 October 2003 17:01:06
Comments: nice phone but i think it is sound is not high enough,i miss alot of calls even when i am in my cat,any body botice this problem??

From: Mattymoo_2004
Date: 31 October 2003 04:01:09
Comments: i bought this phone of ebay for 40 without instructions, should this phone make a high pitched noise when charing and is it possible to remove the clear plastic on the front to clean? oh and one last thing, how do you know when it has finished charging?

From: chris
Date: 9 December 2003 06:01:07
Comments: yeh i recomend that u bue this phone its really good it can be complicated to work sometimes but its a great phone

From: Gary
Date: 8 December 2003 20:01:04
Comments: I own an Alcatel 735 and it is the best phone i have had so if you are thinking of buying it i recommend it

From: Molly
Date: 8 December 2003 18:01:08
Comments: i wish 2 buy this fone should i or not? does it have a good colour screen?

From: it
Date: 8 December 2003 13:01:07
Comments: how can you update infared port so you can send pics.

From: redstar
Date: 7 December 2003 20:01:06
Comments: generally a good and better than siemens mc60 and motorola c550.nice pc syncronization software, but take atention about the fonts, in case your language is not english.

From: Theerawood
Date: 7 December 2003 18:00:05
Comments: Upgrade for infrared port to send picture to another phone or palm should be done now.

From: Rini
Date: 7 December 2003 02:01:01

From: Ethan
Date: 6 December 2003 18:00:03
Comments: Im getting this phone (Help)Don't know weather to buy or not

From: Nikki
Date: 6 December 2003 15:00:00
Comments: i currently own a nokia 3310, but considering buying the acatel 735,am i making the cerrect decision?

From: Me
Date: 6 December 2003 05:01:07
Comments: This is a gr8 fone nd id advise eny1 2 get it

From: david webster
Date: 4 December 2003 07:00:00
Comments: i do like this phone but i wish u could down load your own music so u can listen to it where ever you are.

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