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Motorola V500 Handset Reviews

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Model: Motorola V500
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From: michelle davis
Date: 6 December 2005 14:01:06
Comments: cant get my bluetooth to reconise any mobile please help if you can as i would like to use my bluetooth

From: Lauren
Date: 2 December 2005 02:01:07
Comments: I had my phone for a week, I turned it on and it wouldent work There was a black line down the screen, and the rest of it was grey after a few mins it went back to the normal screen. When its cold it just refuses to turn on After a while the camera went dark and pinkish i would not recomend this phone to any one

From: Demon
Date: 4 December 2004 04:00:02
Comments: It's a snazzy fone with cool features such as imaging and picture messaging. With 65K colours it makes a colourful and smooth effect. The only slight downside to the fone is that you can't take videos, but the sharp imaging takes care of that. The motorola is a nice, simple fone that is easy to work with. The battery is good and the design is up to date with its sleek interior and its superb on the exterior. Another cool feature is the picture phone book in which (with a slight glance) you can see who is calling you.

From: Shane
Date: 2 November 2003 00:01:00
Comments: Dis fone iz amazin, it has all da fings u wud wont from a fone I got mine 2 weeks ago from Carphone Warehouse, for 120,its a bargin Da camera's amazin and da games r really addictive Monopoly lasted me 3 weeks. Da only bad side is dat the battery life only lasts 4 a day or soif u dont use it, also some of the ringtones are good quality, but its really embarresin wen dey go off in public cuz dey are crap, but u can always download better ringtones so i say 4 and a half out o ten

From: jamesx
Date: 1 November 2003 08:01:09
Comments: I think this fone iz ace cuz if u charge da battry b4 u use it it lasts ages + it sends great stuff ezily and has an amazin camra

From: Ann
Date: 31 October 2003 08:01:06
Comments: Hi I have just purchased a motorola V500 and would like to know how to download photos onto a PC does anyone know how to do this please?

From: bob
Date: 10 December 2003 04:02:02
Comments: i think this mobile it crap im sorry to say it but it is rubish the battery lasted 1 hour it stored 20 photos and sounds crap this mobile it shit :(

From: Coral Tassi
Date: 10 December 2003 01:01:03
Comments: just bought this phone yesterday, n im very pleased with it. i would have thought it would have had more games built in, only 2 but never mind, it has monopoly the excellent quality on the camera also makes up for it, and the ringtones are ace a few funky pics too, but ive made more using the camera, best value 4 money phone ive had so far only 120 i give it 4/5

From: rufus
Date: 9 December 2003 22:02:02
Comments: Had this phone for 2 months, use it for work, battery life is poor, drops calls ( may be network ), tunes and pics are good, basic phone use has niggles, menu settings basic, when charging with car charger no in or out calls available. thumbs down so far but monopoly is addictive.

From: G
Date: 8 December 2003 03:01:03
Comments: im lukin to gt this fone in a cuple of dayz, cn anyone tell me wt the ames are and how many pics u can store, also wt is the differce between the V500 and the V525?

From: Ross
Date: 8 December 2003 03:00:09
Comments: I've just ordered this phone off amazon for only 120. Considering all the stuff it does it's such a good price. I mean every review has said da games are brill and that the camera is good. But most reviews have also said that the battery life is very poor. guess i'l find out soon

From: Aidan
Date: 5 December 2003 06:01:02
Comments: Does da job

From: karol
Date: 3 December 2003 10:01:01
Comments: its cool :)

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