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Nokia 2300 Handset Reviews

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Model: Nokia 2300
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From: Loz
Date: 4 December 2005 19:01:01
Comments: Does great phone for a year. now it only shows a blank screen. Does anyone no what i can do with it. Also vey cute design loved it when it worked.

From: Gibs
Date: 4 December 2005 03:01:00
Comments: I think that this is a cute phone. Radio and polyphonic ringtones are cool. But it has problems with level of ringtones, the LCD is not strong. The vibrator is not strong, you cant feel it at all.

From: Alok
Date: 3 December 2005 18:00:06
Comments: Never enter Keylock code because if some other person tries to guess it then the keypad gets locked up then you have to take the battery out and restart the phone . If you lock the keypad then repeat the procedure

From: adi
Date: 1 December 2005 13:01:09
Comments: I love my Nokia 2300.Its nice, impressive and best coverage cellular. Could it possible to change Manufacture date Thanks to Nokia.

From: konadu
Date: 9 December 2004 01:00:00
Comments: I bought one after I discarded my siemens 35i phone. I like the radio and its look. But after 3 months was freezing and its goes of most of the time when a key is pressed. I love the phone. I wish I could get help some where to revive it.

From: Prathap
Date: 7 December 2004 19:01:03
Comments: Nokia 2300 is good phone by its looks & features. But software relaibility is not good. In my case from the second day onwards its back light function started working wrongly with ring tones.

My advise is this model is not good choice to go for.

From: pelisa
Date: 6 December 2004 08:02:01
Comments: i dont have any comments about my phone but i want to downloads ringtones but i dont know how to do it.

From: aparna
Date: 2 November 2003 00:01:03
Comments: its only been 3 days and my cell is giving me problems. last time it just did not stop vibrating even after i recieved the call. i had to switch it off. also i was composing a ringtone the note did not stop, i had to switch the mobile off......

From: shilpa
Date: 1 November 2003 05:01:09
Comments: disgusting phone never to buy this nokia's worst piease ever made. major problem with screen and tones.

From: Bashir
Date: 1 November 2003 01:01:03
Comments: I bought one last April when they first came out, worked for 2 months fine and then it simply stopped. I tried to find a solution but no joy I went to my local dealer and he couldnít fix it, saying that this model has a common problem of sometimes hanging or fail to recognize the SMS. He mentioned something about a file missing that must be downloaded from the internet, and I donít know what it is.
I bought the 6610 which I found it very good and more practical however, I still like the look of 2300 and couldnít get rid of it
I wonder if you have any useful information that might help me to fix it. I would appreciate your help.

From: Dr.Ashok
Date: 1 November 2003 03:00:06
Comments: Recently I bought Nokia 2300 phone. Really it is good. FM ,Handsfree speaker and poly phonic tones make it worth buying. I love this phone.....

From: narendra kumar
Date: 31 October 2003 17:00:06
Comments: how to find cell phones manufacturing date and how many hours i used the cell phone

From: suyi
Date: 31 October 2003 02:00:04
Comments: i'm from nz and i got this phone from malaysia when i visited last week. I was actually looking for a nokia 3200 but i fell for the cute layout of the 2300 I love the radio feature, and the store-a-million-msgs deal about the phone~ i'm also very good at dropping my phones everywhere (my last nokia 1500 got run over by a car, and my old brick alcatel died on me after a year of suffering) but this model is so durable that when i drop it, the battery cover doesnt fall off or drop out FAB hunnies gotta love this phone totally recomend this chic model for any clutz... and if i can conque snake like crazy and txt with my eyes closed with this keypad, you can too :)

From: kapil
Date: 9 December 2003 23:00:04
Comments: such a bad phone in mobile kraanti

From: Ganapathy Subramanian Rajamani
Date: 9 December 2003 22:01:04
Comments: Dear All,
Namaskar. Yesterday(21.09.2004), I bought this 2300 Nokia Model. It is Just Ok. Advantages:# Polyphonic and FM Radio. Nothing More than that. Disadvantages:# Keypad, Hangs offen when you choose the user defined ring tones. Better not to choose this model. Don't go for this model. This is my true feedback.

From: Andrew
Date: 9 December 2003 01:01:03
Comments: Just bought the 2300. Great phone for the price. Radio and hands free is great. Recommend this phone.

From: parvez barejia
Date: 9 December 2003 04:00:07
Comments: My menu button in 2300 is hypersensitive. More than a couple of times I had serviced it but in vain.

From: N Gopu
Date: 9 December 2003 01:00:06
Comments: Recently I bought Nokia 2300 phone. Really it is good. FM ,Handsfree speaker and poly phonic tones make it worth buying. Disadvantage is tough to use the keypad. I love this phone.....

From: lucant79
Date: 9 December 2003 00:00:05
Comments: well I had just bought before 15days and it works some what good

From: zm
Date: 8 December 2003 15:01:00
Comments: I bought this phone 2 months back & have been facing a lot of problems. The animated screensavers hang & once last week it just refused to acknowledge my sim started working on it's own again the next day thought. Pity coz it's such a cute phone. All in all I suggest customers not to be taken in by it's looks & go for something more depenable perhaps with a colour screen or camera. The vibrator is also not powerful enough & often u can't feel it vibrate at all

From: Vitas Hunt
Date: 8 December 2003 12:02:00
Comments: Its a very good phone with Radio, Speaker Phone and polyphonic ring tones.. better than 1100 is all sense light wt and super sexy design. It all i needed

From: Anbarasan
Date: 8 December 2003 05:01:02
Comments: My menu button in 2300 is hypersensitive. More than a couple of times I had serviced it but in vain.

From: Ausy
Date: 8 December 2003 06:00:07
Comments: nokia 2300 itz really a good one. Its radio feature makes it popular. I recommend it to business persons as well as radio loverz.

From: Jubjub
Date: 7 December 2003 19:02:00
Comments: Everything a girl needs. you can quickly get to things u program it to have (see right scroll button) and has a quick txting opoion if you are in a rush. everything a girl needs. one draw back don't trap the lead or you won't get to hear the radio prop. this is hard cause i always fiddle with things MUST its a MUST get.

From: Yasir
Date: 7 December 2003 15:00:06
Comments: Definit that if u wanna buy 2100 than go for 2300 instead with some extra bucks . Good Features Light weight, sleek designed ,and if u love music and got fm rodio channels in ya city than u'll ever love this peace.(Features thats lack) color screen , can't download ringtones ,no infra red option... but the price juistify all that .. Rating 70 out of 100 :)

From: cool_head
Date: 7 December 2003 10:00:00
Comments: i don`t know how to get nokia 2300 in egypt and how much is it ?

From: Rajesh
Date: 7 December 2003 09:00:09
Comments: This is really a good piece. but drawback of this mobile is it hangs sometimes.

From: Kirsty
Date: 7 December 2003 09:00:02
Comments: Im also from Australia-NSW.When are they arriving here...I really want one for my bday next week

From: pradipta
Date: 7 December 2003 04:01:00
Comments: Got this phone recently.It is really sleek and has all the user friendly appl. of nokia. Drawbacks- Bad skins, only 5 integrated polyphonic ringtones(non downloadable).Worth buying at a price of 4900.

From: Pushpendra Uprety
Date: 7 December 2003 01:01:08
Comments: This is a pretty nice phone and was my alternative to a 2100 and a great deal at that. Price range between Rs. 4600-5000 in Indian Currency in Delhi. The host of features are great to work with and easy to handle like most nokia phones.

From: samantha barton
Date: 6 December 2003 14:00:02
Comments: I dont have a nokia 2300 but i really want one. i live in australia. Are you able to buy them in astralia?

From: Nimesh Sharma
Date: 5 December 2003 06:00:07
Comments: In basic category graphic phones, Nokia 2300 is a good choice. It has all basic features plus FM radio and Polyphonic ringtones. The outlook of the phone is also sleek. It has a good battery backup (3 days) but depends on the usage. Though the keypad is combination of two keys but it is not difficult to use. The backlit is white in colour. I think it is better than 2100.

From: Srinivas K
Date: 5 December 2003 05:00:05
Comments: I am resident of Mumbai and may I know the actual retail price of these Nokia_2300. I have selected these model and I want to purchace. Can u help me in these regard such that I don't want to consult any broker.

From: Catherine Magee
Date: 5 December 2003 04:02:03
Comments: The Nokia 2300 is veru compact easy to use phone. It has everything except colour screen which i personally prefer. The buttons are difficult to use to begin with but you get used to them. It's also not expensive at all i bought it for £80. only downside is that the company sent me the one wit the dark gery cover which is depressing.

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