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Nokia 3100 Handset Reviews

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Model: Nokia 3100
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From: roda soelardi
Date: 9 December 2004 23:01:08
Comments: I've been using this type for almost 2 years. it is really comfortable since it is quite light to be carried on hands but unfortunately rather difficult to find neck-hanger that match this type. i stil depend on pocket hanger.

From: yasir
Date: 4 December 2004 03:00:08
Comments: It;z a Gr8 Mobile....

From: Phil
Date: 6 December 2003 12:01:06
Comments: Okay guys, time to be honest I think.
The Nokia 3100 is a grat little phone and I would recommend it to anyone for it's superb style, modern sound and looks and for the amount of features that it supports. When you consider the price (I bought mine on PAYG for less that 100 WITH a digital camera included) this phone is brilliant. It's funny when I read some of these reviews and all these little kids (coz that what you are) complain of no inbuilt camera, no IR, no FM Radio. Consider... DO YOU NEED THESE? The answer...NO. Now GROW UP You can hook this phone up to you computer no probs (so no need for IR), you can get loads of digital cameras to take your photos separately (so no need for inbuilt camera) and if you want to listen to FM radio through your phone, well, there's really not much hope for you to start with (get an mp3 player, for God's sake). Bottom line, this is a great phone. Don't spend more time and money buying something twice as expensive for half the price. Oh, and thanks for reading this review SEMICOLON-) P x

From: nikhil
Email: unknown
Date: 4 December 2003 04:01:02
Comments: only 1 draw back no infra red

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