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Nokia 7200 Handset Reviews

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Model: Nokia 7200
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From: Sarah
Date: 9 December 2003 08:01:06
Comments: I've had this phone since April 04 and have been really pleased with it. I haven't been able to get the O2 settings onto it, but a visit to the Nokia website,,58451,00.html sent me the correct ones and I can now send MMS and use WAP. It has started turning itself off, but too be honest most of my nokias have done this...nothing a trip to the repair shop that won't fix I'm sure Also I haven't met anyone with the same phone yet and I've had it for 5 months I love being unique

From: Stephen
Date: 7 December 2003 06:01:01
Comments: I've just bought the Nokia 7200 and I can't send MMs or view WAP. Can anyone help as its annoying the hell out of me

From: craig
Date: 7 December 2003 02:00:08
Comments: could be soo good, but wont send multimedia messages........ why??.also its slow,batt. lasts for all of 5 mins if you use the vid or camera gets dirty v easily with the fabric cover and a question.... how do you download the video clips to pc i have the duk 5 lead and software but it doesnt recognise the file returning this piece of crap

From: Gina
Date: 6 December 2003 19:01:04
Comments: I have got nokia 7200, couldnt be more pleased with it, it great, and it sends multimedia, maybe it depends on the network im vodaphone, EXCELLENT PHONE

From: SaintG3
Date: 6 December 2003 01:01:06
Comments: This phone is rubbish, basic software, small screen, slow software. Mine has decided to turn itself off when ever it wants. Rubbish Phone dont bother.

From: gaylore
Date: 5 December 2003 14:00:02
Comments: it doesnt work yet. no multimedia fxns. yet

From: mark
Date: 5 December 2003 11:02:01
Comments: could anyone help i have just got a 7200 but will not send mutimedia messages can you help i have got the settings from 02 but still wont send thanl please help

Get the reviews on your site by using RSS feeds.

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