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Panasonic G50 Handset Reviews

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Model: Panasonic G50
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From: Derk
Date: 1 December 2005 03:00:01
Comments: All phone have Pro's and Con's.This phone is GREAT

From: suhas
Date: 2 December 2004 09:01:03
Comments: Pls Send Gprs setting such as ip address,servername,isdn number

From: gyuri
Date: 1 November 2003 07:01:04
Comments: it's sweet sucks .My phone is new but...alredy my wap GPRS dos not work and my screen freaz , and time to time i can't call enybody but if y turn it off and than on it start working again. can anybody help mee ? or my phone ?

From: ggg
Date: 10 December 2003 06:01:00
Comments: i have bought this mobile but i have some problems with this mobile it is not downloading any thing is there any option of GPRS in thin phone

From: gj2
Date: 10 December 2003 04:01:06
Comments: what the hell is wrong with the ppl that made this cel, couldnt they put some betta ring-tones and backgrounds this fone looks good but it aint.
it would be good if some one would fix the problem for ur sake at least panasonic

Date: 9 December 2003 22:00:01
Comments: ser actualy dis is not a comment it is sort of a question wat is the different between panasonic g50 to panasonic g51m?

From: Sapna Singh
Date: 9 December 2003 13:00:07
Comments: Can i download polyphonic ringtones, if yes, then what are the steps,and if i try for it , phone prompt:push(si)button yes or no.what to do with it????

From: sliders919
Date: 9 December 2003 09:02:01
Comments: Might look good but its rubbish. Got the G50 on virgin and 4 phones later they have agreed to swap it for another phone. (Virgin have been superb).
Where to start - phone is very slow. Press a key and wait 10 mins for it to register. Hopeless for texting.
Screen came away from the case on every G50 I was sent. GPRS is supposedly listed as standard but some have it some dont.
Keys continually stick.
choice of ring tones is poor and its impossible to download new ones. wish I could say it was a one off but 4 phones with the same problems? Come on Panasonic, sort your act out.
In summary - CRAP. Dont be fooled by its looks.

From: Caroline
Date: 9 December 2003 01:01:01
Comments: I have this phone, great design and I don't seem to have issues with memory etc, I can't seem to download ringtones though, doesn't list Virgin as a service provider and doesn't show the phone when you choose a ringtone. Apart from that, it's just perfect for me.

From: helen
Date: 9 December 2003 00:02:01
Comments: nice looking phone but not easy to buy ringtones also takes ages to turn on and not a very good signal

From: Annie
Date: 8 December 2003 13:01:09
Comments: hey i love me mobie it stors heeps of messeges n really small n sweet, does n e 1 no how to set callers i-d pictures ???

From: Anil K
Date: 8 December 2003 03:01:03
Comments: How do you delete a schedule? It lets you edit content but not delete??

From: mememe
Date: 8 December 2003 04:02:03
Comments: I have this phone and it stores loads of messages but it takes ages to load its crap and its not a very gd phone to buy. I never get a signal and no-one can ever get through to me It also needs a camera.

From: Sandeep Saha
Date: 7 December 2003 16:01:08
Comments: I had bought the g50 in december 2003. But after 2 months the display went bad. The service centre here could not replace the display. They could not even get me one. Could you tell me where to find one and how much it would cost.

From: wtfstfu
Date: 6 December 2003 20:00:03
Comments: WTF this fone is fucken shit..i thought it'd be only 10 FUCKING messages? err this is fucken SHIT
but its really small n yer

From: b-rad
Date: 6 December 2003 14:01:01
Comments: this fone is sweet dosent hav that much memory but its all good next one should hava camera

From: ubaidullah
Date: 6 December 2003 00:01:02
Comments: Sir G50 phone is very good appearance
recieving volume is very low like factory area Iam unable to understand callers voice
thank you

From: nikki firth
Date: 5 December 2003 15:02:03
Comments: it needs a radio and camera please

From: Lauren f d.
Date: 5 December 2003 03:01:09
Comments: its a crap phone which i advise no one to buy. it only stores about 10 messages which isnt suitable for me

Date: 3 December 2003 16:01:01
Comments: is it compaitable with GPRS?

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