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Panasonic Gd67 Handset Reviews

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Model: Panasonic Gd67
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From: katie
Date: 4 December 2004 19:02:03
Comments: HELP I am a Granny and was given this phone last Christmas. Well I am no technophile to say the least BUT do love to play around with all the nice buttons. NOW I have lost all connection to 02 Pay and Go ( 21 credit left ) and all the phone wi9ll display is something FOREIGN like.....Kun nedopkald - whatever it means. I need help please and advice. Thanks.

From: miriam
Date: 1 November 2003 21:02:01
Comments: scott, all you have to do is: click on the background screen and go to the picture of the phone,(personalise), click,go down to tones, click, go down to VOICE RINGER, click, then if you click on: VOICE RINGER 1, it will say: recording or play back, click recording and record. lol

From: miriam
Date: 1 November 2003 21:02:00
Comments: i want to record my fave songs and set them as ringtones but i can only record 10 seconds on it. is there any way i could change it???

From: sian
Date: 1 November 2003 21:00:09
Comments: All in all, been a half decent phone. But at the moment there is a perm red envelope at top of screen saying store is full even tho i have deleted everying poss to free space. Annoying

From: zack
Date: 31 October 2003 18:02:00
Comments: very good but there is a permanent envelop on the screen even when there is no message in both inbox and outbox. it has refused to record outgoing sms. at times rejects incoming sms indicating store is full when there is nothing in the store. i need help

From: stephanie c
Date: 31 October 2003 01:01:04
Comments: when i got my phone for christmas it had just come out in the shops. i thought it was great cos of the moving colour screen (im easily pleased). but then like u guys said, it turns itself off through messages and has been thrown at the wall numerous times because of it. i like the idea of changing the back picture and made many designs but the wap no longer works half of the time. if i can get it to work it charges me for downloading pictures (if it lets me look at them) and then i never recieve it, same with ringtones. overall a waste of money and the free stereo that came with it was crap. xXx

From: Steve
Date: 8 December 2003 23:01:09
Comments: although i agree with the bugbear of the phone switching itself off i have had no other problems with this phone. shock horror i prefer it to the nokia 3510. this phone has been going strongly for 14 months now and has not been wrapped in cotton wool. in fact i've never even had a case for it.

From: scott
Date: 8 December 2003 10:01:04
Comments: hi
i'm vary satisfied with my phone but there is one problem.
As it says in specs you can record voice or music up to 10 sec.
Can anyone tell me how?I'd be very grateful

From: Allyson
Date: 7 December 2003 15:02:00
Comments: Well said Matthew, i got th phone about 6/7 months ago and i am on the look out for another. The first month it was going great but like you said it begins to just turn itself off when it feels like it, especially when u have typed out a messsage and r just about to send it argh Dont bother wasting ur money like me, its in bits already, no bottom, no back cover n covered in scratches

From: Matthew
Date: 6 December 2003 00:01:01
Comments: I wouldn't spend ur money on this phone. Very poorly made. Numerous problems. Scratches, very fragile. Turns it self on/'off. Speaker broke after about 9 months. Looks good to start with but with use it becomes ready for the bin. The best word to describe it is crap...

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