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Sharp Gx20 Handset Reviews

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Model: Sharp Gx20
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From: Frank Southwell
Date: 4 December 2005 07:02:01
Comments: The phone is totally overrated. Yes, the resolution on the display is great but the new Palm Treo 650 has the best resolution today. The Sharp is not not nearly as user friendly as any Nokia. When composing a text message, switching to capital letters is a task. Contact list is not designed to store many numbers under one nameSEMICOLON ie, home, work, mobile and fax numbers. Even storing the last dialed number is a mission in itself. There is no speaker phone. Most top-end phones have such with a radio station tuner. The ring is not loud enough. The alarm cannot wake anyone from two feet away. Absolutely hopeless. The phone does have some interesting features but, as mentioned earlier, the new 650 Palm Treo is the type of expensive cell phone to get. Lastly, mine has only one game on it. I do not live in an area with a network which permits further downloads, therefore, I am stuck with that default game.... rats... My phone was unlocked, but I still have to see that Vodafone logo every day I own the phone... rats.... Overall, it is a nice phone, but highly priced and overrated.

From: tom
Date: 31 October 2004 12:00:05
Comments: ive had my x20 for the last 2years only problem ive had so far is that if you open the scren to fast the phones turns off. or that could because i dropped it one to many times. i recomend anyone who wants a good phone with ir color screen (amazeing red) and realy good camara they should go out ad buy oe of theese NOW :D

From: smail
Date: 5 December 2004 14:01:06
Comments: hllo:::
i can not use my IRDA to transfer file frome a pc i have not drivre

From: amy
Date: 1 November 2003 07:01:04
Comments: the best fone around. got it 2day and luv it. i truly recommend it 2 u.

U could hint to pps xmas is cumin up

From: raj
Date: 1 November 2003 04:01:04
Comments: do yo recomend where i can find the pc suit for this mobile

From: Onyx
Date: 10 December 2003 04:01:05
Comments: everythig is ok, but the only thing that pisses me of is that this phone don't have infrared connection with another phone

From: bob
Date: 10 December 2003 00:01:03
Comments: i was suprized the fone was eatable

From: Kandekye Kagyenzi
Date: 9 December 2003 21:01:08
Comments: Does Sharp make cells with speakerphones?

From: tooty
Date: 8 December 2003 23:02:01
Comments: i havent actually go the phone yet but its coming tomorrow an i cant wait i have read so many reveiws about it and i have researched it alot and although the gx30 is also out now, i have read that the gx20 it a better phone because many people experience problems with the mp3 player and bluetooth on the gx30, but so far, the only problem i have found for the gx20 is that it doesnt have bluetooth (no big loss) and that it makes a sound when it takes a picture (which is a really lame excuse for a problem) i cant wait to try out the camera and see if it really is as good as i think it will be (it better be good coz im paying too damn much for it)

From: Sanjoy Ghosh
Date: 8 December 2003 15:01:03
Comments: I can't transfer picture from mobile to Laptop.Both are support infraray. How I can transfer from Mobile to Computer and vice versa? Where it will save in computer?

From: jaga g
Date: 7 December 2003 06:02:02
Comments: what ever i have checked on this fone upto now has been great but only the thing that pisses me of about it is its messages u cnt tel how many u v sent also if u type to fast it want catch it up quickly n will fall behind

From: george
Date: 6 December 2003 06:02:02
Comments: The GX20 is great

From: ivan
Date: 5 December 2003 06:02:03
Comments: this phone is the best

From: Simon
Date: 5 December 2003 04:02:01
Comments: Great camera and tunes, also I like the bluetooth for sending midi files from my pc to the phone.

From: skunk
Date: 5 December 2003 01:01:08
Comments: this fone is brilliant everyone should av one everyone out there get one now

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