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Sony Ericsson T630 Handset Reviews

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Model: Sony Ericsson T630
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From: dave victa
Date: 7 December 2004 01:01:01
Comments: how can i download mms, en other stuff on my phone? in can u give a list of the sites where i can find wallpapers, polytones etc,, im from philippines

From: silajit
Date: 1 November 2003 10:00:06
Comments: Its simply great.. Gonna push Nokia off the cliff with this one..Just missing a FM player and a video recorder on this one.

From: sanyamodmale
Date: 1 November 2003 03:02:00
Comments: hi
i have asony ericsson T630 and i want to find a driver to connecft with the computer.I have the bed with the cable which is connected to USb

From: Mehrdad Yazdani
Date: 1 November 2003 07:01:03
Comments: Hi everyone
I purchased a T630 sony ericsson handset on the promise that I could later setup an answering machine using software from sony ericsson website, but I have not been able to find one. Can you help? Thanx

From: sundeep sanan
Date: 31 October 2003 06:01:07
Comments: ..I am proud owner of T630 which is latest entrant in the market .It is loaded with latest technologies like Bluetooth ,GPRS ,WAP , CAMERA ,EMAIL ,MODEM ,Poly phonic ring tones ,voice recorder and many more fetures .These phones are not much behind the smart phones like P900 ( Symbian OS) .
Taking the case of T630 (or T610 having very little difference ) using this phone with Bluetooth (BT) dongle attached to your PC adds exceptional capabilities to your PC or Laptop. With the help of Bluetooth communication we can communicate with the pc without the
line of site unlike IR and at higher data transfer rates .BT gives you freedom to edit photos ,exchange photos as windows explorer ,voice recordings ,tones , recieve mails , edit mms on pc and copy to phone memory , personal information manager ,notes , printing via BT(HP 450 printer) ,shifting the call to PC so that everyone can hear who is talking ,BT headset and much more ,everything wireless .
These features are extremely beneficial for people fall in manager class ,consider a manager who just meet number of persons in the meeting and everybody require his contact card ,this phone can solve the problem by supplying the contact card right from its phone to all via BT( Absolutely wireless ).Phone contact memory backup can be taken from phone book syncronisation software came with it , within few seconds this phone copy all your phone numbers to PC. This phone has timer for checking emails and syncronisation capability .i.e. it has tendency to check mails from youíre Pop account after fixed interval and copy those mails to BT laptop , Desktop or Palmtop (wirelessly ). Popular POP (post office protocol) accounts in Punjab are from Glide , Satyam etc .To overcome the memory constraint while storing pictures these POP accounts are very useful ,these accounts allows us to send the pictures any where in the world through GPRS . Sonyericsson provide special space for making online library of pictures so that pictures uploaded from pc or phone can be retrieved anywhere in the world on mobile phone. Sonyericsson has content site ( ) for its mobile phones . You can take advantage of facilities with sonyericsson phone with the help of Hutch or Airtel Network in Punjab .Card memo feature is used to store your credit card numbers ,it is extremely secured method of storing credit card number for persons on the move .
This small phone can control your big PC via BT( Bluetooth ) with the help of third party software .One software which is very famous in the market is Jeyo 1.0 for sonyericsson phones . This software connected to your phone via BT and after that it can control everything on your PC from cursor to DVD . This phone has wider capability to interact with many BT devices in your home ,it can send pictures from phone to plasma directly with Sony BT receiver at Plasma TV .One can make his own ring tone with his midi player attached to computer then copy to phone via cable ,Bluetooth or IR. One important feature is also there which no body take care of that is voice recording ,at first instance it appears to be common but its not .You can mail your recordings anywhere in the world and those recordings are in .amr (Adaptive Multi-Rate) format which can be converted to .wav format to make audio player CD . These files can be played on Quick Time Player of Apple company directly also .
In months to come video phones (supporting all popular formats Mpeg-4 , Real media , Quick time ) prices will fall down and capabilities of phones keep on improving as the speed and bandwidth available increase . In future we will see WLAN support ,Bar code reading ,optical zoom ,EDGE technology on our phones ,Greater than 1megapixel VGA cameras , Tv tuner ,Bulk of dynamic Ram much more on the small mobilephone .I believe if we can spend lot of money on mobile just for fashion ,why canít we use it for our comforts . Squeeze out everything from your tiny piece of chips ,its invaluable in modern scenario .
Sundeep Sanan

From: armani
Date: 10 December 2003 03:02:01
Comments: The best mobile...

From: justin
Date: 9 December 2003 19:00:08
Comments: this has got to be almost the best phone only two things it does not have radio and mp3 for ring tones oh well what can i say this phone is good but can also have its bad days i got the sonyericssion bluetooth but it is crap it herts your ears too much im talking real pain and it cost me $275 aus dollers

From: marshy
Date: 9 December 2003 07:00:05
Comments: the cell phone it awsome

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