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Sony Ericsson Z600 Handset Reviews

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Model: Sony Ericsson Z600
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From: Abdoul Sissoko
Date: 31 October 2003 15:01:08
Comments: I bought the Sony Ericsson Z600 a couple of months ago. It’s just so wonderful, very effective & practical phone. I love this mobile phone but it doesn’t have everything I would have expected to find in it, meaning that the SE Z600, compared to other mobile phones in the same category, has got a bunch of catching up to deal with for better functionality, and effectiveness.

Nevertheless I would strongly recommend the SE Z600 as being a best value/high quality mobile to enjoy with respect to its user friendliness.

On the downside, I do have the following grievances to report and hopefully they will be taken care of to better improve the SE Z600. This is not to be considered a negative criticism by potential consumers but rather an improvement outlook for the SE Z600.

The “call list” menu is inadequate and very confusing. All received, dialed and missed calls are altogether displayed in the same listing although there are specific symbols to distinguish from them. One contact name can therefore be repeatedly listed many times depending on how many calls were made to/from that contact. It would have just been better to opt for displaying once the contact name so that selecting it takes you through a detailed listing of all calls related to that contact, as is for the “call contact” menu that is fortunately set up to show one contact name only. From the “call contact”, selecting the contact name takes you down to all number types recorded for the contact within the selection. So why can’t it be likewise for the “call list” menu? Another problem within the “call list” menu is that time and date information are not displayed altogether simultaneously for the contacts. The time display seems to be working only for current date calls. When current date calls are relegated to the past, the time display stop displaying and is replaced by the date display alone. When consulting the past calls, you can only get the date display without the time display along with it. I particularly found this to be very frustrating and unacceptable. I had a problem with my girl friend two days after she was back from a trip because I could not prove that I called her at the date and time agreed on when she was traveling. We expect a new firmware to be made available for upgrade so as to correct these problems. I’m wondering whether this is just a software problem because my SE Z600 is made in France. Otherwise, should anyone know how to address this downside I would greatly appreciate Moreover, the language option doesn’t give many choices. You just have: English, French, Russian and Arabic. How about Spanish, Italian, Germany, etc?
When you enter the “calls” submenu from the main menu, scrolling down to select the “option” menu just give you the following option:
1. Clear call list
2. Call listing
The “Clear call list” when selected, forces you to clear all Calls list including the Missed calls list. This could have been better set up to first display a listing of all calls, offering a check/uncheck features whereby items can be selectively checked for clearing. So there is no way of just clearing a single targeted contact call information or the “missed calls” contents alone. A “Clear missed calls” could have been added to the “Option” menu within the “calls” menu. You may happen to call a contact and immediately decide to clear the call information data related to that contact only. Or you may happen to be in a situation of mistakenly dialing a wrong contact number that you would, of course, decide thereafter to clear from your call list without being forced to clear all your Calls list.
The Music DJ is pretty amusing but with limited choice offering only four instruments that only enable you to just piece together a bunch pre-recorded music themes. There should have been additional features for consumers/users to be able to compose their own sound by just picking up single music notes from a “music notation” panel just like with Samsung and Nokia mobiles. It’s a great pity that we don’t have a MP3 Support and a FM Radio function added that could have been well enjoyed through the Bluetooth headset as well.

Digital Camera is practical but not that great in low light conditions. Pictures seem to be clear during snapping but get sometimes blurred/unshaped after taking Pictures taking could have been improved by having the navigation left and right keys dedicated to digital “zoom in/out” functions when the camera is operating like for camera picture brightness adjustment by the navigation up and down keys.
Viewing adequately the screen outdoors in sunlight becomes very difficult. Screen not very visible even though brightness can be increased using navigation key. Contents cannot be seen properly in certain angles and lighting conditions.
User Profiles cannot be customized for timing purposes just for the timeframe of a meeting like Nokia.

From: nat
Date: 9 December 2003 14:00:07
Comments: excelent phone loads of really good features although the camera looks good the quality crap after taken picture.

From: Jedi Master
Date: 6 December 2003 07:01:05
Comments: cracking little phone, though out in day light you f**ked as you can't see nothing on the screen. Gets rather complicated when trying to got on-line and get info / downloads, though that may be Vodaphone rather than the Z600. My overall 7/10...

From: Alex
Date: 6 December 2003 03:00:06
Comments: this cell phone is a bomb, u gotta own it to belive it... trust me.. 100% recommanded...

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